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A common sense and cost effective way to hear from your employees and refine your HR programs with the goal of improving performance, retention and employee morale. Learn more.

ExitCheck has taken the time and invested resources to hire and train professional interviewers who use our world- class technologies to deliver timely, accurate information. Learn more.

Post-Exit Interviews
Was The Grass Really Greener?


of past employees would return to the company if the opportunity arose.

ExitCheck’s Post-Exit Interview service allows clients to stay in touch with top performers after they leave the organization, and find out if they would be interested in returning. ExitCheck’s professional interviewers follow-up three to six months after the employee has separated from the organization, with additional questions about their work experience and new employer. We will find out what attracted them to their new employment, and what it would take to get them back.



Post-Exit Interviews are conducted via telephone by ExitCheck’s experienced HR professionals. The one-on-one interaction allows our interviewers to establish a rapport with the participant, and elicit detailed information regarding their experience with your organization. Refined interviewing techniques are employed to obtain detailed feedback for each of the interview questions.


Question Design

ExitCheck’s implementation team will work with your organization to develop a question template that will address key areas of inquiry, and compare working conditions of the participant’s new place of work with those at your organization. Questionnaires include targeted questions that determine what it would take to facilitate an employee’s return to your organization.